SmartPLC services

Based Metering

All SmartPLC telemetry services are based on a Cloud architecture. In this solution, a group of powerful server is used in sharing by multiple users with different virtualization techniques. The servers are hosted in dedicated infrastructures aka Data Centers designed to ensure continuity of service and data protection even in the most extreme cases .This innovative type of measurement architecture provides considerable advantages : low cost of ownership, operational flexibility, speed of access and professional performance thanks to the power of the machines in the data center and redundant connections on the back of major national and international carriers.

In order to send measurement data to the Data Center reliably ensuring low costs as well as easy and universal installation, Power Engineering srl has developed its own management and measurement hardware and firmware, the SmartNODE. Two types of devices have been prepared: SmartNODE DIN, that fits a EN50022 rail, and a SmartNODE SOCKET, also called SmartSOCKET that is plugged directly into a wall socket between the load and the power source, hence installing this device doesn't need an electrician. SmartNODE performs the required measurements using special sensors and sends the data to the Data Center at regular intervals also receiving commands to be executed as turn on or off an electric load. The data sent to the Data Center are processed by a complex software system developed by Power Engineering srl which shall translate the extent of SmartNode in physical quantity to be shown to the user, catalog and store the measurements and events, alerting the user in case of anomalies or on the occurrence of specific conditions.

All services are distributed using the Web interface, in other words SmartPLC doesn't use any specific App as this would preclude the usability on some devices and require huge expenses for development and maintenance of the different software in field. The web interface is accessible with any java-enabled browser and is developed with the latest web technology (HTML5, CSS3, JQUERY) in order to ensure the best user experience on any device: SmartPhone, Tablet, Netbook, Notebook, Personal Computer or even Television set. Power Engineering srl is the owner of all the know-how involved in Electronic, Firmware and Software development; our R&D department is always focused to improve and keep up to date the web interface as well al the measurement maths behind.